Alex Cloudmill is one of the Soul Riders, and lightning is her symbol. She is the main character of Starshine Legacy: Episode 4, along with her horse, Tin-Can.

She comes from a poor family and is the only girl among four brothers. She has an interest in motors. She is very protective of her younger brother James, who gets into a lot of trouble.

Her power allows her to shoot lightning with her hands, petrifying her target.


She is bold, brave, tough and caring towards her friends but Alex is overprotective towards her brother James. Which is considered her weakness mentioned by Fripp as well as being comforting towards her mother.

Starshine Legacy

Alex is the main character of Starshine Legacy: Episode 4 where she works together with Tin-Can to protect her brother from Katja. She learns to harness her lightning powers as a Soul Rider. When she hears that James has been taken hostage by Katja and Buck she challenged them to a Pandorian Codex duel. After defeating them she wins back her brother's freedom.

Star Stable Online

After Lisa and Anne go missing she left Jorvik in search of any clues to their disappearances but returns to Jorvik and Tin-Can with no clues.

After spending some time guarding the Northern Irongate she speaks of a Golden Apple that can turn the witch Pi good again. Hearing of the player's success Alex figures out that the witch was suppose to turn Justin's horse into a Dark Horse. That Justin was still in Dark Core's headquarters on an oil rig.

Alex asks the player to accept the brave mission and when you do she remains guard over the beach to make sure we're not followed. When the player returns Alex learns that Mr. Sands already has two Dark Riders and are trying to gather two others in a hurry. While trying to stop the druids from finding Lisa and Anne knowing Dark Core was connected to their disappearances.

At the druid meeting Alex explains that Justin has joined Dark Core but isn't fully convinced of his actions. That Mr. Sands is trying to use the Light Ceremony to strengthen Garnok by doing it backwards.

Sometime later thanks to the player's brave actions Alex works together with the player to seal up the Pandoric Cracks appearing in Silvergade and other places.

During another druid meeting she is happy to have Lisa back receives word that Anne is in Pandoria. Once progress with the Lightning Circle been made Alex assigns the player to watch over Dark Core's actions in an attempt to stop their plans and save her friends.

Then, Alex hears that James is having nightmares with Mrs. Holdsworth's help she and her friends discover that Katja has returned. In an effort to find Concorde the player challenges Katja to a race of the Pandorian Codex rules. Being challenged by her before Alex knew of her tricks and distracts her so the player could win the race. As per the agreement they ask where Concorde is they receive word that Anne's horse is gone.

During the player's third trip to the Dark Core Headquarters Alex and everyone comes to rescue Justin. Following sue she and the girls were amazed that the player's horse flew and return to Moorland with Justin. After locating Justin, Alex and the girls were shocked that he was arrested.

Once the player obtains the Pandorian Keystone Alex and the others wanted to go with you to rescue Anne but is stopped by Fripp and wishes the player luck. After player's first failed attempt to rescue Anne, Darko and Garnok force their way into the secret stone circle to capture everyone but Fripp uses his powers to destroy the Pandorian Keystone and save everyone. Before Fripp passes out he speaks of Evergray.

In an attempt to find Concorde, Alex and the others hear from Elizabeth of their horses being Starbreeds having the ability to be reborn including him. Alex follows the player to the mountain paddock to begin the player's training in wild whispering with Rhinnanon. But with so many foals and little time Alex and Rhinannon talk to Elizabeth about seeking help from the Life Warden into tapping into Justin's gift going against her wishes she, Linda and the player break him out of prison. Taking him to the Primeval Tree in South Hoof in an attempt to find the new incarnation of Concerde. With Alex's help the player wakes the Sleeping Yew but Elizabeth caught wind of what the Soul Riders were doing and Alex was led away by Elizabeth for her actions of putting all the Starbreeds in danger.

However, Elizabeth was proud of Alex knew she had a hard background and informed the player that she was gathering supplies in The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur. The player finds her being down on herself for her actions but regains her vigor after getting a pep talk from you. After Concorde has been rescued Alex and everyone are filled with hope of rescuing Anne.


  • According to Fripp, in the Starshine Legacy Comics Alex's over-protectiveness and fear because of her brother is her weakness.