Anne von Blyssen is one of the Soul Riders. She is the main character of Starshine Legacy: Legend of Pandoria together with her horse Concorde. Her symbol is the sun and she has the ability to open portals to other worlds.


Starshine Legacy Comic Part 1

Starshine Legacy Comic Part 2

Anne is found in her mansion in the "uptown" side of Jorvik City. When a notification on her laptop rings through the house, her mother scolds her for being up so late. She gets a message from a secret admirer who tells her to meet them at Leonardo's later that night.

When she arrives, she is at first alone. Alex shows up claiming she got a threatening message saying that her younger brother, James, was in trouble and this was the reason for her appearance. The two discover that Fripp was the messenger as he emerges from behind a dumpster. He tells them that they must help Linda and Lisa. He also explains to them that they're soul riders.

Anne and Alex reunite with Linda and Lisa where Lisa heals Meteor and the girls become friends.

Starshine Legacy: Episode 1

Starshine Legacy: Episode 3

Starshine Legacy: Episode 4

Star Stable Online

For a long time, Anne was missing, and no one knew anything about her whereabouts. Eventually the druids discover that she is trapped in Pandoria, just like Lisa was. On a rescue mission, she is seen encased in a large pink gem. It seems like the magic of Pandoria is affecting her; her eyes were glowing pink, her face was gaunt and she seemed haunted.

During the rescue mission, the player tries talk to her to instill hope that her friends and the druids are coming to rescue her. But she says all hope is gone and tells the player to leave before get trapped too.

Anne imprisoned in Pandoria in Star Stable Online


  • Her mother can be found in the second Starshine Legacy original comic. She has a white bob cut and brown eyes.
  • Avalon says she's a talented photographer.
  • In Star Stable Online, Anne is trapped in Pandoria when the player first sees her. Then the Dark Riders move her to prison island