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Björn is a landscaper and part-time groundskeeper of Silverglade Manor and it's garden. He lives in a house on the property with his wife Agnetha.

History Edit

Björn and his wife Agnetha were added as non interactive NPC's sometime early in the year of 2013. The would not become interactive with quests until the Wednesday update of May 22, 2013. Along with the release of the quests, Björn and Agnetha were released as a reputation faction under the name, "The Vineyard's Master Gardeners". Since his original release, little has been changed to the quests or appearance of Björn.

Appearance Edit

Björn appears as a kind, if overzealous, average sized older man (possibly in his later years), with a love for plants, art, and landscaping. He wears a pair of light blue, jean overalls, with a grey plaid collared shirt underneath, and a blue flower is tucked into his left breast pocket. He wears heavy brown leather boots, and a dark brown straw hat on his head with a light purple flower in it. He holds a light purple flower in his mouth by it's stem and holds a large pitchfork in his left hand.

Etymology Edit

Björn, pronounced Byuurn (Swedish, German), or Pyuurn (Icelandic), is a variant of the Old Norse byname meaning "bear".
Bjorn 2

Björn as he appears in-game

Quests Edit

All of the quests Björn gives involve restoring The Vineyard Garden. After the yellow quests within his quest line are finished, he will no longer be interactive and only Agnetha will release daily quests.

  • Equestrian Center Gardener
  • A Seed is Soon Planted
  • Pansy Planting
  • A Vision for the Sun Garden
  • Harvest Time in the Sun Garden
  • A More Beautiful Sun Garden
  • Garden Expansion
  • Proof for the Baroness
  • Next Flower Species
  • Tulip Planting
  • Harvest in the Moon Garden 
  • Tulips at the Winery
  • Statues in the Moon Garden 
  • Bush Party
  • A Thanks on the Way
  • Harvest Time in Agnetha’s Grove
  • Rider Bjorn
  • Plant the Seeds
  • Test Bjorn’s Riding Trail
  • Bushes for the Winery
  • A Fountain for Agnetha’s Grove
  • Fountain Building
  • Harvest Time in the Rose Garden
  • Littering is a Terrible Crime
  • Thank You for the Help

Trivia Edit

  • Björn's speech bubble icon, appears to give him Green eyes, yet his in-game model clearly has light blue eyes. This may simply be a coloring mistake or the lighting in the icon causing the confusion.
  • Björn's model has an identical face to Landon and Steve save fro hair color and accessories.
  • Björn shares the name with Björn the bear.