• Ellie Junglewood

    Its horrible when you are bored. Most people have better things to do so they log off. Not any more! Here are somethings to do hen you are bored on SSO! 1) Quests! (obviously!) if you have none, read on.... 2)sing randomly on global!!!! I always have fun doing this one, so give it a try! 3)do a rp (role play) on your own. Or you can invite your friends!

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  • CloudyRoses

    my gallery

    April 30, 2018 by CloudyRoses
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  • ClaraNo.17

    Ok, please don't take this as an offence for as I only am voicing my opinion in which I don't think it's fair to chat ban only non-SR's. 

    I have not a lot of info on this whole 'making non-SR's unable to use the chat'   situation, but if you have any further info, please comment down below. 

    So first off, I think it's pretty unfair for SSO to do such a thing. Non-SR's have every right to talk in-game just as sr's do. The only difference is that the SR's pay for the chat or their sr so at the same time it is perfectly fair. All the same, if you don't have the money to pay for your sr or your parents won't let you, I can see why you're upset. Your not alone because a lot of people can't pay for sr. I know for sure that SSO hasn't banned the cha…

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  • ReginaSunlight


    April 24, 2018 by ReginaSunlight


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  • NaomiSilentport

    Both of the Starshine Legacy comics are full of usefull information about the game itself, however I have noticed that its slightly more "in-depth". From what I saw, the comic focuses on real life problems! Mr. Peterson for example, he needed a job, travelled all the way up to Jorvik just so he can have it, it was later prooved to be a huge loss as Dark Core betrayed him. I believe this is retalable to real oil platforms where people live in bad circumstances and are putting their life in danger, the comic seems a bit more "realistic" instead of the Starshine Legacy series, the four girls handled the whole thing kinda like a teenager would, their reactions were more "natural" and their emotions felt more vivid! Especially Mr. Sand's emotio…

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  • NaomiSilentport

    Note: I'm kinda unsure about posting this, I don't mean to offend anyone.

    Lag cheating is an odd issue, nobody is sure of its existence, SSO claims there is no such thing, however there are other players saying otherwise.

    What might be causing it is the fact that SSO is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer online game) and the internet connection can easily affect the overal result, for example ONE player might be laggier than somebody else which means that the game will make a bigger effort to increase the FPS (frames per second), and while this effort is being made the game can easily get "confused" (well not exactly but I'm trying to explain things with a more generic example) causing the player to move faster and even "teleport". Teleporting is a…

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  • Tiffany Lightningnest


    So since, the Chase the rainbow! update came out, and obviously we all know what it means.
    Yep, totally searching for rainbows.
    So i think that there is no calendar with the times?
    So i will probably be watching where do rainbows appear and write everything down       | here.
                                                                                                             | ----------------------------            

    Aswell, if yo…

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  • NaomiSilentport

    I always thought Aideen was some kind of "godess" similar to Garnok , but if she is what I think she is, could that mean she could actually be seen in the questlines? Probably!. Some players believe that our character is a reincarnation of Aideen , however I doubt that, games don't always place the character (player) on the top of the mountain, they usually allow us to feel "normal" before going through the changes, for example the fact that we are the fifth soulrider might be due to the fact that we are supposed to play a game we are "ACTIVE" in, being just a normal character wouldn't help much, we are stronger than the rest of the others so we can compete more actively in the questlines. Back in Starshine Legacy we were forced (or suppos…

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  • Nikolciaaa


    February 25, 2018 by Nikolciaaa

    Hi! Welcome to the Transformice site!

    Secret codes and other's

    40 cheese Validate your email

    Clicking the Menu icon below the bottom left of your mice's avatar next to the chat will bring up the game's menu. Clicking change your password and following the steps will award you with 40 Cheese and a special item, the Cheese Earring that can be equipped through the shop in the 'Ears' section.

    Cake hat.

    Typing /atelier801 will award you with the Cake Hat, celebrating Transformice's 3rd Anniversary. The item can be equipped through the shop in the 'Head' section.

    Transformice's 4th Anniversary Badge

    Doing a special combination of emotions on Map 0, or in your Tribe House, will award you with a badge, celebrating Transformice's 4th Anniversary.
    You can j…

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  • ClaraNo.17

    StarStable VS Life

    February 17, 2018 by ClaraNo.17

    Well, StarStable is very creative and fun. I'm more and more drawn away from the game since they disabled the chat for non-star riders! :(

    Horses are so fascinating in SSO! In real life, I feel like horses cost way to much. But, I guess that's the case for all things. Especially in SSO.

    Everyone want's happiness, no one wants pain. But, you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain.

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    StarStable Horses

    February 17, 2018 by CUPKAKES

    Shires are huge, and also cute.

    It's too bad you cant hear other peoples horses like they are on mute.

    Ponys are small,

    I want them all.

    StarStable Horses, why are there so many?

    I need star coins, I need plenty.

    The new Swedish,

    is so pretty,

    the pintabian, compared, looks so ity bity.

    Lipizanner, are for dressage,

    I hope you get my message.

    That all sso's horses,

    are successes.

    That all sso's horses are successes.


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  • Ellie~moonsong1


    February 14, 2018 by Ellie~moonsong1

    garnok is an evil extraterrestial monster who seeks world domination.He has never been seen by someone outside of his inner circles but he is believed to be an a monster starshine legacy garnok is originally from another solar system thousands of years ago frippand other guards were supposed to transport him to the end of the universe as punishment for the crimes he had commited on the way there some of his accomplices broke free and made the spaceship crash in the sea outside of jorvik he has since been trapped inside the spaceship eversince his generals are working to set him free and Mr.Sands uses the company Dark Core as a cover for the operation.During episode 4 he manages to get his tentacles above sea level and tries to …

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  • Ellie~moonsong1

    soul riders

    February 13, 2018 by Ellie~moonsong1


    a soul rider  is a young woman chosen by faith to protect the island of jorvik from dark forces a soul rider has a set of powers associating with astral symbols 


    lisa isone of the original four soul riders her horse STARSHINE is a white coated horse and has a light blue mane and tail.She made her debut in episode 1 of star shine legacy lasa´s powers is to heal  and bring life,as stated by fripp in episode 1 her astral s'ymbol is a star 


    linda is one of the 'soul riders.she owns the horse METEOR and is the main character of STAR SHINE LAGECY EPISODE 2 .Her first appearance was in STARS SHINE LAGACY 1.Her abilities include getting vision of the future and her symbol is the moon.'METEOR who has a burent orange colored coat…

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  • Rose Winterhoof

    My horses names

    February 11, 2018 by Rose Winterhoof

    Faded halflinger: Wolfriver

    (all black no shine) friesian: Moonspell

    dun/brown connemara:Southcherry

    red/brown shire: fallenlove/falllove

    blonde/white arabian thoroughbred: Sunsecret

    white/grey lippzaner: Starboy

    grey/black arabian: 

    black english thoroughbred: ravenblood


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  • Rose Winterhoof


    February 11, 2018 by Rose Winterhoof

    animal jam: ilovetoysandplushies/ roblox: lunamoonnight789654/toontown rewritten universe2223.

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  • Rose Winterhoof

    The Andalusian,appaloosa,arabian,connemara,fjord,friesian,lippizaner,missouri fox trotter,morgan,mustang,american paint horse,american quarter horse,shire,teenesse walking horse,english thoroghbred,and the welsh pony.

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  • Elizabeth Orangehaven


    February 8, 2018 by Elizabeth Orangehaven


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  • Rose Winterhoof

    bought horse

    February 5, 2018 by Rose Winterhoof

    On Christmas I'll be buying Greendale the morgan ( credit to sso/greendale for the inspiration) Starboy the lippizaner ( Thx to the  sso mep for the inspiration) And more... If u wanna  see more friend/contact me only if yur on Hazy galaxy (srry to the ppl who Aren't on Hazy galaxy) U can still mail me if yur not tho... But in this case I'll have to just tell u :D

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  • Rose Winterhoof

    My main horses

    February 5, 2018 by Rose Winterhoof

    My main horse is Wildmagic the black hanoverian! greendale the morgan, moonspell the friesian, wolfriver the halflinger, southcherry the connemara, lovepearl the shire, starboy the lippizaner and more.... to  all the rest of my horses.

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  • Rose Winterhoof

    Meet me.

    February 4, 2018 by Rose Winterhoof

    Hi wild Jorvik riders! My starstable main account is Rose Winterhoof  server: Hazy galaxy! My alt is Luna Oakhunter serverL Hazy galaxy! and  extra non-starriders: Lily Purestreet, Holly Cometwood, and Willow Maplesea! and my extra star rider account is Layla Flowersky I know 6 accounts is alot i get it,but its great cause u get to go over the storyline multiple times hope  u like  me this is me!

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  • Sasha Sleepybaker

    Wild horses

    January 23, 2018 by Sasha Sleepybaker

    Today i have bought the new wild horses! I have got the rainbow now :D!

    Her name is Rainbowdash

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  • Holly RoseCloud

    New Horses

    January 22, 2018 by Holly RoseCloud

    HI everyone,

    I would just like to say that I hope everyone had a good christmas and Talk about the new Jorvik Wild horses. I and getting one of my own and I want the golden one. When the second Jovik Wild Horse came out I just started playing and I was a begginer so I couldnt get them. But ever scince they came out I have been so excited! I would Liek to know what sort of riding they are good at.

    I hope you guys can get one too!

    ∞ Holly RoseCloud ∞

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  • Cb sso

    Homework 2

    January 15, 2018 by Cb sso

    i have a lot of homework i have not play sso today now im so sad :( 

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  • Cb sso


    January 14, 2018 by Cb sso

    sorry that I have not been writing that much lately, but I really do a lot of homework because I'll have Cito soon


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  • Horse lover12HOREZRULE


    January 13, 2018 by Horse lover12HOREZRULE

    Hey guys i will be recording Star stable somtimes but not all the time i am always welcome to new people joining my club if you would like you may join my club South Perals Unit. We are very active but thats one detail why i love star stable sooo much... My second reson is...THERES HORSES!! Thats the Best Part! i love horses And wolves but i really love horses! 

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  • Starstablenews12

    New Years horses!

    January 5, 2018 by Starstablenews12

    Hey Star Fam! Recently we have been caught up in all this Christmas fun but now that it is the new year there are new horses to be released! Here they are...the pretty white Connemara and a beautiful brown and white one too! These horses both cost 810 star coins. Last there is a pretty gray Hanoverian that costs 890 star coins! I hope you have a great start to the new year! 

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  • PetraBabe

    HEY BABES! Welcome to my first real Wednesday Blog! Wow! I'm so psyched! 

    Today, I'll just be sharing a few tips I picked up here and there. Enjoy! :)

    Racing can be really difficult. Especially with a lot of twists and turns. However, there is a trick to those annoying swerves! Whenever you see a tight turn come up, slow down! It may put some time on your record, but it's less time than you would have spent having to come to a complete stop and turn around, (maybe even just losing all together.) This trick is well known and common sense, but it's a good reminder and a smart tip to those new riders! 

    This one is a no-brainer. If you enjoy SSO and think you'll play for a long time, then I suggest becoming a Star Rider. It will change your whole …

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  • Cb sso


    January 1, 2018 by Cb sso

    hi dear sweet readers that it was 2017 is now finished now it is hopefully 2018 a year full of fun stuff and sr codes and sc codes but pity of the code yesterday I have sso emailed to ask if there soon a sr code can come so that we too non sr's can enjoy mistfall I'm still waiting for the answer but if we all send to star stable as soon as possible there might be a sr code but I'll wait for the reply from star stable hopefully you already have your fingers still and you have not had fireworks accidents xD

    Have a nice day

    -cb sso (cadence bunnybeach strawberry meaddow)

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  • Cb sso


    December 31, 2017 by Cb sso

    okay serious star stable a squirrel that is exactly the same as that of the 6th birthday but with a sweater to nice ... (sarcasm) we want a sr code now I just why now that squirrel we already have one but yes star stable does not want to make sr code sigh I wanted to go to mistfall but now I have a squirrel ... :(

    Have a nice day and Happy new year

    -cb sso ( cadence bunnybeach strawberry meaddow )

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  • Cb sso

    Blogs from ME :)

    December 30, 2017 by Cb sso

    hello dear readers of my blog I just want to say that ....... (drum sound) I GO EVERY DAY TO PLACE A BLOG YAYY but would you like to know something about me or something just ask and do you have something nice for a blog just say it

    Have a nice day and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

    -Cb sso ( Cadence Bunnybeach Strawberry meaddow)


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  • Cb sso


    December 30, 2017 by Cb sso

    Hello starstable players

    wow mistfall has become really beautiful I have not been there but I have seen mistfall on youtube I can not wait to go there I am level 12 so I only have to do sr the missions and then I can view mistfall and then I can search for the stars and I'm so happy I can not wait to see mistfall but on the map mistfall looks crazy I think greener than the other places I mean darker than the other places but I see how it looks in real (in the real star stable and not on youtube)

    Have a nice day star stable player


    -Cb sso ( Cadence Bunnybeach Strawberrymeaddow) 

    ps: i am Dutch but I do not know if you know it but ... oliebollen..ja I'm going to make that for if you do not know what it is here is a short explanation :) th…

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    StarStable ROCKS

    December 28, 2017 by CUPKAKES

    I love StarStable! P.S (just doing this do get a badge and if this sounds weird- i'm clueless) LOL

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  • PetraBabe

    For my first blog, I figured I'd just introduce myself and cover all of the bases. So let's get started!

     Hi, welcome to my first blog! My name is Bailey, (or Petra, whatever floats your boat,) I'm 17, 4'9, brunette, blue/gray eyed, and I have a passion for drawing! (Oh, and Star Stable, too.) 

     I'm going to be making blogs about anything related to Star Stable, (or SSO) mainly referring to quick tips and tricks. Sometimes other stuff, too, so you'll just have to wait and find out! 

     I'll be posting something every Wednesday at no specific time. If I can't, I'll try to let you guys know beforehand and make it up later. On my Profile, I have a little thing saying if the scheduled date for the next Wednesday blog is still going to happen, and i…

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  • Sadie Season

    Which horse?

    December 3, 2017 by Sadie Season

    - This is a random post - 

    I have 4000+ SC from my 20k shopping spree last week, what should I do with it?

    I was thinking about getting a horse but which one?

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  • BtsxArmy


    December 3, 2017 by BtsxArmy
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  • Lana.Kelly12fp13ms


    November 19, 2017 by Lana.Kelly12fp13ms

    [ skrij ] booo !

    guyyss o3o !

    I'm BAACK O.o !!!

    Server Pancake Mountain is myyyy

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  • Holly RoseCloud

    Hello :)

    November 10, 2017 by Holly RoseCloud


    I'm Holly RoseCloud and I am lvl 15 on SSO. I am quite new to Jorvikipedia and I will be posting on new updates and quests.

    ∞ Holly ∞

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  • Krittlez


    October 23, 2017 by Krittlez
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  • Kelly Wisegrove

    New day

    October 19, 2017 by Kelly Wisegrove

    Hi, And here is nother day with 10 days in the Fandom  ¨! thank you !

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  • Kelly Wisegrove
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  • Lana.Kelly12fp13ms
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  • Hannah Lightningstar


    October 17, 2017 by Hannah Lightningstar

    New horse in my stables! His name is Hallow. Already a level 12 too.

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  • TatianaQueenRay


    August 24, 2017 by TatianaQueenRay

    Tatiana Queenray (The Weekly Horse Buzz Blogger-Jorvikipedia)                                Price: Free cause I'm generous ;)

    Hi guys...!

    So I guess you are all wondering who this new magestic horse is?! Well you're in luck because I'm about to reveal!

    The new to SSO horse comes in three quick colours; Black with four white socks, a chestnut and a gray!

    Because they are such a new release and also very sporty in the real world, they have come to Star Stables with a staggeringly high price! So a note to any non-star riders; Buy a membership! Here is the price list for these majestic creatures!....

    Both the black and the chestnut have white patterns on their faces, whereas the gray is mainly gray ( for any non-horse lovers, gray means WHITE!!)

    By …

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  • Feyalongcamp


    August 5, 2017 by Feyalongcamp
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  • Vivumn

    Test blog post...

    July 27, 2017 by Vivumn

    Ahem... random test blog post, sorry i'm curious to see how this works out lol.. so here we go..

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur rhoncus efficitur velit a pretium. Maecenas in elementum risus, non pretium massa. Suspendisse et justo eget orci mattis lacinia. Quisque mi tortor, imperdiet in odio et, tincidunt maximus velit. Nam nec lorem id tellus aliquet placerat. Vestibulum sed ullamcorper sem. Sed vel neque risus. Nunc finibus est laoreet, bibendum dui eu, pulvinar orci. Mauris ut magna purus. Nullam mi diam, convallis quis magna et, gravida tempor ex. Phasellus laoreet, ligula id blandit lacinia, lacus urna lobortis nibh, et maximus metus arcu id libero.

    Phasellus rutrum, quam nec convallis pharetra, jus…

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  • Sabrina Highlock


    June 8, 2017 by Sabrina Highlock
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  • Crystal Bluberryrider

    Hey people!!

    DESPERETALLY need help right now!!!!!!!!! When I log onto Star Stable Online, everything starts to be very laggy! AND THERE'S THE FROSTY ROSES OPEN EVENT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PEOPLE PLEASE HELP WHAT DO I DO?!!!!!!!!!! :C  ;_;

    PLEASE COMMENT WHAT I SHOULD DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Luna Shyheart

    I think this FANDOM page is awesome! 3 reasons why, 1: It's helpful about codes when they come out, 2: It's a really cool website! And 3: I need to go lie down... xD (Jokes) But I think this page is a really good FANDOM page keep up the good work! :D

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  • Crystal Bluberryrider

    Hey! So as you know (probablly) I am a Soul Rider!!! Yaaaaaay! And I went through a whole lod of training to get to this point.

    But now I have to close all the pandoric craks everyday! And it's getting kind of tiring now, I mean, everyday going on Star Stable and finding the cracks (I have a tab that tells and shows me where the pandoric cracks are) and then closing them, and my brothers distracting me from closing that pandoric crack! They keep on bugging me and then I have to do it for atleast 3 times before I actually close the crack. It's really irritating me!!!!!

    If you are struggling to try and find the cracks, here is a link:

    You can either copy the link and paste it in a n…

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  • Faunos

    Double Star Coins

    April 13, 2017 by Faunos


    The Easter Double Star Coins Weekend has started!

    I'm going to get the Dark fjord,and an app Haflinger.

    Happy Easter for Everyone!

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