• TheKawaiiHero

    Blog 9

    September 18, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    I wanna list my horses. (not to brag on "omg I have so many horses hahaha hahaha,") but just cause I want something to do XD

    1. Angelmist - Angie (Jorvik warmblood)

    2. Cinnamoncharm - Lusi (Lusitano)

    3. Cococlash - Cocopops (Chincoteague pony)

    4. Autumnheart - Fall (North Swedish Horse)

    5. Frost Petal - Elsa (Haflinger)

    6. Ash Prince - NO NICKNAME (Fresian)

    (I have others but I need to look on SSO XD I wanna do them in order, I WILL UPDATE LATER!)

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  • Maddie Silvergren

    Star Stable Online

    September 17, 2018 by Maddie Silvergren



    • Check out South Hoof💯
    • Star Rider Power💪
    • Shire😎
    • Mist Fall💚🌄
    • Jorvik City Plaza🌆
    • Non-Star rider inclusiveness👍
    • James is lazy🤳
    • Connemara ❤
    • Dressage🖤💫
    • Lusitano💫🐴
    • South Hoof sound track✨💜
    • Mist Fall sound track✨💚
    • Moorland Champ🥇
    • Fort Pinta Champ🥉
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  • Cricket2006


    September 12, 2018 by Cricket2006

    Hi! This is a miscellanious blog! Hope you enjoy!

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  • Pikarock27

    Hello its wolf here proud owner of Everwind Mustangs i'm on frostvalley 

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  • TheKawaiiHero

    Blog 8

    August 24, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    Hello again! Sooo I have created my own Wiki -

    I am not copying the Jorvikipedia because I am not adding like proper fact's, it's basically like Outfit Ideas, Help picking a horse to buy, and Quest Help! Obviously if I do use fact's from the Jorvikipedia or any other website's, I'll add links to their website's on the page!

    (gtg XD)

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  • Yui2005

    Hi.I'm Yui.

    August 22, 2018 by Yui2005

    Hi. I'mYui: Szeretem a számítógépes játékokat a kedvencem a Starstalbeonline.

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  • Luna Oakhunter

    Here's My last  Dicision, I'm buying:

    MoonFall - Black & White Friesian  Sport - 890 Sc

    DeerFall - Cream Morgan - 790 Sc

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  • Endercat TM

    The Redeem page

    August 13, 2018 by Endercat TM

    I know I am feeding the troll here, but please, if you want to talk about stuff irrelevant to the page, go and talk on Forum. Example: the Redeem code page. It has over 9,000 comments, more than any page on this wiki and it is getting out of hand. Now the only active Admin has to try and delete as much as irrelevant comments as possible. Please do not try and make it difficult for her. Thanks


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  • Endercat TM

    New cool update

    August 11, 2018 by Endercat TM

    Who likes the update? I do...

    What is it though?

    • New NPC information in our little journal
    • When you jump but miss the jump, you won't crash like usual
    • The horse market is near Silverglade

    Click here for more info!


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  • Kelly Cometknight

    How much do I hate Reputation quests right now?


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  • Endercat TM

    Now honestly, almost everyone is chat banned. What I don't get is why SSO chat bans people for writing typing erros, making mistakes, jokes etc. SSO became super hard on us.

    I have been chat banned twice. One for no apprent reason. Second because I made a joke. Ok the second time, I kinda did provoke it but honestly, we get insulted in the quest lines sometimes. Like being called a "stupid girl and her horse" or just a plain "stupid girl". They go as far as calling other NPC "pea brain" and probably calling each other "ugly". What happens when we say these stuff. CHAT BANN!!!! 

    I am not happy with the new system and still needs a lot of imporvement. It helps sometimes but now, we all live in fear of talking and speaking out. And when you con…

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  • TheKawaiiHero

    BLOG 7

    July 31, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    Hey guys! New blog! Sooo my b-day is on the 11 of September and on my b-day I will hopefully get 10,000 SC! I would love to get some suggestions on what horse to buy, what clothing, which tack etc. I should get :D. I've recently been training my Fresian so he is currently at lvl 9 so hopefully I will get to lvl 15. I know there is the horse trainer feature but you need SC for that and I am currently broke XD. I only have 40 SC left so when I get 100 SC this Saturday I want to buy 7 days of Stable Care Help and these green polo socks because I have a really cute outfit idea which invloves them. I will add a pic of it when I get the green socks :D. I also really want these brown checkered pants (I forget the name), the Kaltex sport set tack …

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  • Endercat TM


    I wanna make better posts or edits. Any helpful comments?

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  • Ceciliaspring

    hey guys! i felt like posting a blog so i did! The next horse im getting, drumroll please! A FRESIAN SPORT HORSE!!

    The model is new i think, and its the gray one at jarlasson!! I already named him, darkprince! tell me if u like him!

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  • Melissa Goldenflowerheart

    From now on I always log into Star Stable each day until the midsummer festival is over to go fishing for items and sell them. Midsummer festival items that you can fish are treats for your horse, gear and clothes i figured out. They are apperantly " Goddes " Clothes and gear. They are green with leaf like patterns on them. I think they can be sold for 90, 55 and 110 coins. *Sorry for bad english*      I will tell you more tomorrow. 

    Okay, so now if you didn't know, Star riders AND non- star riders can all jump. I am so excited to try this out!

    "The return of the Jorvik wild horses" Has legit JUST been posted as I was typing this. They are back in town with cool colour! #make sure to be at firgrove, where all the action is happening# So if y…

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  • Puplove43


    July 16, 2018 by Puplove43

    Hi pplz I just want to say SSO needs new codes and im glad they did another double sc weekend! I also need to say if u look at my horses names they all start with a F thats pretty cool

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  • Luna Oakhunter

    I'm Buying: 

    2 friesian sports, 2 lusitanos, 2 hanoverians, 2 icelandics, 1 mustang,1 north swedish, 1 lippizaner, 1 morgan, 1 english thoroughbred, 1 american paint, & 1 halflinger!!!

    Plus, i already have a  Conne and  another halflinger!!!

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  • Arabian Filly

    About Star riders

    July 14, 2018 by Arabian Filly

    Star riders are like VIPs they can access the whole map and they can make there own clubs. Star riders can get diffrent horse breeds apart from your starter horse. They can go to difrent places on the map that people that are non star riders can not got to. Places they can go to is Silverglade village witch is ear a castle. Stevens Stable witch is obviasly a stable but only star riders can go to. Jorvick Stables witch is one of the most famous stables in Star stable. Valedale Village witch is a small village well one of the smalest and pleney other places. Only star riders can get other breeds of horses cause other breeds cost star coins. Star riders recive 100 star coins a day or week. If you are a non star rider you have to buy star coin…

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  • Arabian Filly

    How to open club easier.

    Press the G on your key board to open up the club window faster then going though the menu.

    How to dismount without needing to click a button.

    Press X to dismount faster then clicking a button.

    How to open menu.

    Press the Esc button so you can open your main menu and if you have lots of windows open you can press Esc to make them go away faster.

    How to make your Pet walk.

    Press the letter P to make your Pet walk it dosent matter what pet you have as long as it is a animal.

    How to get to the mall if you are late for the bus.

    Ride to the blue sparkes on the fort pinta road and grab yu bus tickit and hover it over the blue light then let go then you will be taken to the mall.

    How to get though a race faster.

    If you are doing a r…

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  • Arabian Filly

    1. click on the phone button then t should show you these things call for pick up, help, controls, credits and options.

    2. click on options then you will have four heading at the top it should say game,sound, graphics and creativity.

    3. Click on creativity and at the bottom of that you should see a button that says hide user interface click on that and then click on ok IF you want a clean slat if you dont skip the steps i just told you.

    4. Next chose where you want you horse and rider to be then whan they are doing a pose you like quickly press the letter O on you key board the it should show a photo menu.

    5. Click on the camera button and then it will save it to your laptop/coputer/PC then you sign out of star stable then get back in and then…

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  • Arabian Filly

    Fjord information

    July 13, 2018 by Arabian Filly

    The Fjord horse or Norwegian Fjord Horse is a relatively small but very strong horse breed from the mountainous regions of western Norway. The Fjord is not a specialized breed, but one that can be used for a variety of activities. One of the world's oldest breeds, it has been used for hundreds of years as a farm horse in Northway.  [1]

    Where do i buy them from? The snow lands

    What level do i have to be? level 12 plus

    Colours they are availibal in. Dun,buckskin and dark brown

    How much are they? 700sc to 800sc

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  • Arabian Filly

    The Lusitano is a Portuguese horse breed famous for its beautiful movements and similarity to the Andalusian horse. The Lusitano is mainly a dressage horse, and therefore you might notice that your horse gets a bit nervous when jumping from a canter. Lusitano breed is renowned for its' noble characteristics and willingness to please.  One of the important and unique features of the Lusitano horses is that this horse breed boasts of being capable and extremely competent when it comes to dressage. to say that these horses produce disciplined and elegant movements and are proficient in pirouettes, piaffe, passage etc.  [1]  Where can i get the horse from? Silverglade or Fort Pinta.How much are they? 900sc to 1000scWhat level do you have to be…

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  • Arabian Filly

    Hi guys,

    its me Filly, I was think of doing a breed information post for diffrent horse/pony breeds so you Arabian Fans can learn about other breed and of corse i will post about the arabians! If yu have any ideas of what i can do on my blog you can message me or comment but i perffer you to message so i see it straight away. Thank you Arabian Fans!

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  • Arabian Filly

    Hi Arabian Fans unfortunetly this month there is only rider clothes and horse tack codes i put the codes under this if you are intrested in using them. Remember you can only use a code once for each code.

    STARSTABLEVEST- a navy/white vest (for rider)

    DOLLYSTYLE- 1 t shirt that says dollystyle and 3 tshirts that have unicorns on them (for rider)

    TOGETHER2018- a shirt that says together (for rider)

    SUPERHEROSET- red mane ribbon and tail ribbon and a saddle pad (for horse)

    Because some people on star stable have asked me how do you recive the gifts i will tell you now, and i will tell you under every other code blog page.

    1. Go to a mail box (it is the red box that you can find at any village)

    2.Click on the mail and it will show you a letter that w…

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  • Arabian Filly

    Hi i am Filly welcom to my blog. I will be posting things about star stable, such as codes,news,horse breeds and if i can find any some hacks or cheats for star coins and star rider for those non star riders such as myself.

    If u have any questions about a hores or glitch or somthing like that just message me and i will reply when i get the chance. I hope you will enjoy my posts and comment under them #ArabianFan i will give a shout out to you.

    Also if you have any questions about horse things in real life dont be affraid to ask me as i am a horse rider myself.

    Made by Filly

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  • Luna Oakhunter

    Re-Named Horse

    July 12, 2018 by Luna Oakhunter

    Ok, So, I'm re-Naming WOLFRIVER to,APPLECROWN!!!

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  • Luna Oakhunter

    Horse Changed

    July 12, 2018 by Luna Oakhunter

    Ok,So, I've changed my mind, I'm also,Getting The Dark Brown Halflinger,because I can SAVE UP for the JORVIK WILD HORSES!!!!!

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  • Luna Oakhunter

    Frosty City, Is by far the BEST, Club I've EVER been in. We're Weird,Kind,Smart,Tall,Short,Funny,And and so much more!

    Thank you too,Olympia Snowstorm/Wafflez The club owner for making this amazing club!!!!!!!!

    Yours Truly,Rose Winterhoof

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  • Luna Oakhunter

    OH. MY. GOSH. Guys! I'm getting 20,000 SC This CHRISTMAS! And I'm getting 16 HORSES! They are: CocoCry,HoneyMoon,FireFly,PopSpot,MoonFall,SunShine,GhostWood,DeerFall,WhisperFairy,SilverBullet,MooseLove,AutumnGate,DarkBlood,WolfForest,SilverStone,GoldenChampion! When GARY GOLDTOOTH Comes I'm buying the smaller model Raibow, & Pandorian SMALLER  Jorvik Wild Horses,Well if those colours Come out! 

    Tell me what horses your buying if you are!

    Yours Truly,Rose Winterhoof :D!!!

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  • TheKawaiiHero

    Blog 6

    July 8, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    Hey guys! I haven't blogging for a while but that's because I needed to keep up with schoolwork etc. but also my grandma is in hospital and I'm really worried :(. But I still managed to squeeze sometime in to create a blog post. So the big news on my sso account is that I finnally unlocked GOLDEN HILL'S VALLEY!!!!!!! (GHV) However, when I first came on SSO all I wanted to do is unlock Golden Hill's valley. So when I first entered I was super excited but then ... it wasn't really worth it. So kids - don't get your hopes up on unlocking Golden Hill's Valley! I will also be getting 4000 sc soon so then I will go on a shopping spree! I think I'll buy a Fresian,(cause I haven't unlocked Epona :3), a shire, a mustang and a Jorvik Starter Pony! I…

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  • UnicornsForever

    Friesian or Friesian Sport Horse?

    Pros: Friesian Sport Horse (Fsh)

    The Fsh come in more colors than a Friesian

    The Fsh is pretty

    Pros: Friesian

    The Friesian is in silverglade

    The Friesian is unlocked sooner

    The Friesian is pretty much the same shape as a Fsh

    Why you should get a Friesian Sport Horse:

    The Friesian Sport Horse is a good horse to use in championships and in races

    The Fsh is cool and pretty

    If you have one then you can show off to all the noobs

    If you see a Fsh you automatically feel good about yourself

    Friesians only come in 3 shades of black but a Fsh comes in 6 very different colors

    Why you should get a Friesian:

    They are unlocked earlier than a Friesian Sport Horse

    If you have a Friesian you can still show off to the noobs

    Friesians are go…

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  • Luna Oakhunter

    The Jorvik Pony

    June 28, 2018 by Luna Oakhunter

    OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG! Sorry, It's late, But Oh. My. Gosh. I have been waiting  SOOOOO long for the Jorvik "STARTER" Pony to get Re-modeled, and I'm SOOOOOOO excited! Tell me  what you think n the comments, I ADORE it, it's SOO  cute :3

    Yours Truly, Rose  Winterhoof

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  • Luna Oakhunter

    Refenced Book

    June 28, 2018 by Luna Oakhunter

    So,Todayis my last vacation day, And  I went to Barnes & Noble With my sister and dad, I found a  book called  THE  CHOSEN ONES, Instantly I thought STAR STABLE! But,Then I looked  at the back and it said COSMO! So, That's TWO refrences,Aleady! SSO and  AJ-Animal Jam! 

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  • TheKawaiiHero

    Blog 5

    June 24, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    Ok so I decided to get a North Swedish Horse which I named Auttum Heart and a Haflinger which I named Frost Petal!

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  • TheKawaiiHero

    Blog 4

    June 22, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    OMG guys! I reached lvl 15! I'm so happy! I'm also getting 2000 SC's today! I'm so excited! (I'm not meaning to brag so sorry about that :D) Which horses should I get?,and what tack? Or should I buy an outfit? You decide please! I'm also excited about the new Jorvik ponies coming out next update and I'm excited about the new quests for the Midsummer festival! I already finished the quests that already came out AND I made 3 wreaths! I know this is a short blog but NVM. I'll keep you updated AND maybe make a video about my new horse today! Have a good day! :D

    Comment of the day - Which server are you on for SSO?

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  • Felicity.teirney

    ]]==Welcome To My First Ever Blog!!!!==

    Hi I love star stable and just saying its really fun to play i do play it alot as madison moon hurricane i'm on level 17 and its really fun to play!!

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  • TheKawaiiHero


    June 20, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    Hi guys! I'm so excited to realese the artwork I did over the week! It's not fantasic but it's better than nothing! I didn't include the tail because it was terrible... yeahhh. If you want to save it (which you probably don't want to but whatever) then feel free! I was inspired by someone else on google so full credits to tanjasum84! ( I hope you like my artwork! Sorry it's kinda small!

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  • TheKawaiiHero

    Blog 3

    June 19, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    I am so close to levelling up to level 15! What levels are you guys at? I keep doing quests but it’s never enough. However, I did manage to level up my horses. My Lusitano is level 15, my Jorvik Warmblood is level 7 and my Chincoteague Pony which is also level 7. Which horse should I get next? Please help! :D. I’m thinking of getting a North Swedish horse with white tack or a black mustang with blue tack (because my friend asked). I decided that if I ever get a North Swedish horse I will name her Autumn Heart and if I get a mustang I will name him … well I don’t know. Please help! OH, I also want to get Spirit, but I don’t really think he’s worth it so sorry 0_0. I normally do the cheat thing when training my pony. I use my Lusitano and do…

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  • TheKawaiiHero


    June 18, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    Blog 2

    Hi guys! So, I know a lot of people don't know which horse to get next and I understand. I have been through that too :) . So, I decided that on today's blog post I will put in the top 5 horses I recommend and why! NOTE: I did not include the old models because I do not recommend them. These are my personal opinions and not everyone needs to agree with me. Also I understand that the Star Stable team worked hard on these horses and I understand (so please don't judge me :) )

    Lusitano's are one of my FAVOURITE breeds ever in SSO because they look so elegant. There are 7 different colours available currently, one of them in the app version (Star Stable Horses) The three different colours are the Fairytale white, the Dark Bay, the Pearlin…

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  • TheKawaiiHero


    June 13, 2018 by TheKawaiiHero

    So I never really blog that much but I decided to give it a try!

    Hi Star Stable people! I'm Leilei but in game I'm Leia Mistray on the Mangolia Jungle server! If you see me come say hello! :D I remember going through my Instagram Stories and I saw Jojo Siwa posted. I'm not a big Jojo fan but I checked her story anyways. She said she had a new song on Star Stable. I had heard of Star Stable but I thought is was some silly simulator so I had ignored it for a couple of months. I then decided why not give it a try? I went onto my PC and downloaded Star Stable. I quickly got sucked into the game and I LOVED it! I remember when I first joined and I had no idea how to dismount or move around or anything XD. From loving it I went to hating it as my …

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  • Liv Strawarm


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  • Luna Oakhunter


    June 1, 2018 by Luna Oakhunter

    I LOOVE the Lusitanos,How about you?

    They excel greatly at,Dressage & Show Jumping!

    In fact,Giving the LUSITANO,The braids will actually,Let it excel better,Because the LUSITANO,has a ton of hair! SOOO,Givingit the braids will not only improve It's Performance it will also,Suprisingly,Improve It's HEALTH.

    Tell me what you think the COMMENTS!

    Yours Truly,Rose Winterhoof!

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  • Luna Oakhunter



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  • Luna Oakhunter


    May 28, 2018 by Luna Oakhunter



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  • Ellie Junglewood

    Its horrible when you are bored. Most people have better things to do so they log off. Not any more! Here are somethings to do hen you are bored on SSO! 1) Quests! (obviously!) if you have none, read on.... 2)sing randomly on global!!!! I always have fun doing this one, so give it a try! 3)do a rp (role play) on your own. Or you can invite your friends!

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  • CloudyRoses

    my gallery

    April 30, 2018 by CloudyRoses
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  • ClaraNo.17

    Ok, please don't take this as an offence for as I only am voicing my opinion in which I don't think it's fair to chat ban only non-SR's. 

    I have not a lot of info on this whole 'making non-SR's unable to use the chat'   situation, but if you have any further info, please comment down below. 

    So first off, I think it's pretty unfair for SSO to do such a thing. Non-SR's have every right to talk in-game just as sr's do. The only difference is that the SR's pay for the chat or their sr so at the same time it is perfectly fair. All the same, if you don't have the money to pay for your sr or your parents won't let you, I can see why you're upset. Your not alone because a lot of people can't pay for sr. I know for sure that SSO hasn't banned the cha…

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  • ReginaSunlight


    April 24, 2018 by ReginaSunlight


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  • NaomiSilentport

    Both of the Starshine Legacy comics are full of usefull information about the game itself, however I have noticed that its slightly more "in-depth". From what I saw, the comic focuses on real life problems! Mr. Peterson for example, he needed a job, travelled all the way up to Jorvik just so he can have it, it was later prooved to be a huge loss as Dark Core betrayed him. I believe this is retalable to real oil platforms where people live in bad circumstances and are putting their life in danger, the comic seems a bit more "realistic" instead of the Starshine Legacy series, the four girls handled the whole thing kinda like a teenager would, their reactions were more "natural" and their emotions felt more vivid! Especially Mr. Sand's emotio…

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  • NaomiSilentport

    Note: I'm kinda unsure about posting this, I don't mean to offend anyone.

    Lag cheating is an odd issue, nobody is sure of its existence, SSO claims there is no such thing, however there are other players saying otherwise.

    What might be causing it is the fact that SSO is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer online game) and the internet connection can easily affect the overal result, for example ONE player might be laggier than somebody else which means that the game will make a bigger effort to increase the FPS (frames per second), and while this effort is being made the game can easily get "confused" (well not exactly but I'm trying to explain things with a more generic example) causing the player to move faster and even "teleport". Teleporting is a…

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