Concorde is Soul Rider Anne's horse. He and Anne are both connected to the sun element.

Etymology Edit

Concorde's name is a variation of the French name, Concordia, meaning "harmony" in Latin. This was the name of the Roman goddess of harmony and peace.

Concorde is also the name of a British-French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner, which is fitting as Concorde is the only horse who possesses wings in his Soul Rider form.

Starshine Legacy Edit

In Starshine Legacy episode 3, Concorde has found a bond in his Soul Rider Anne as they prepare for the upcoming dressage contest. But while doing a photoshoot Concorde soul get sent to Pandoria by the Dark Rider Jessica. He is rescued by Anne and on Dark Core's oil rig they both sent Mr. Sands and Jessica back to their master's ship.

Star Stable Online Edit

Concorde competed with Anne in dressage competitions on the mainland but during one of their contests in France, they were captured by the Dark Riders. While Anne was sent to Pandoria, Concorde met his end.

The Soul Riders and the player move their search to find the new Concorde by using Wild Whispering but have little success. However, after taking Justin to the Sleeping Yew in South Hoof to perform the Whisper's Cry, the Soul Riders become one step closer.

With Justin's help the player finds Concorde in one of Ydris' cages and yet doesn't find it easy to free him. The player uses a special clock to weaken the ring master's powers but the clock had to be destroyed when Garnok makes his way into the tent.

Afterwards, Ydris' releases Concorde saying he's too full of himself and the girls take him back to Valedale with Rhiannon looking after him.

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to his rider Anne, Concorde is very cautious about his appearance.
  • In the collections journal Concorde is referred to as a "Jorvegian Warmblood", but it is unknown if this refers to Jorvik Warmbloods as he was previously labeled in other games, or a different breed entirely.
  • As of the new recent updates, out of the main five Soul Rider horses Concorde is the only Star breed seen as a foal.