Dark Core is a company owned by Mr. Sands, established in Jorvik in 1890. While the company's goal is unclear, Dark Core is said exist primarily to drill for rare minerals and metals, which are exclusively found in Jorvik. There are no records of their minerals being sold or used in any way. The location of Dark Core's headquarters is unclear, but it can be accessed through the Forgotten Fields, Cape West Fishing village, and Moorland South beach.

History Edit

Deep Core Edit

Dark Core was founded in 1890 by the multi-billionaire Owen D. Sands, then under the name Deep Core. The company's purpose at that time was said to be to find unknown metals and minerals, and because Deep Core gave rise to many jobs, it was welcomed with open arms on Jorvik.

Deep Core was shut down 1904 because of a mine accident in 1903 that killed 225 people.

Dark Core Edit

Dark Core was founded by Mr Sands after the fall of Deep Core.

Trivia Edit

  • Dark Core workers are assigned to wear a special attire which consists of a green cloak, a blue jumpsuit and goggles.