The two Friesian Sport Horses (left and center) with an Andalusian (right)

The Friesian Sport Horse is a horse breed that was made available in Star Stable Online on March 26, 2014.

The new animations for this breed were released on 8/24/16.

Colors, Prices, and LocationsEdit


The three new Friesian Sport Horses

The Friesian Sport Horse comes in three colours:

Black extended spotted blanket - Found at Fort Pinta for 690 SC

Grullo (Tinted Grey with black mane/tail) - Found at Paddock Island for 690 SC

Black - Found at Ferdinand's Horse Market

The new Friesian Sport Horse models are available in New Hillcrest and one in Crescent Moon Village. They can all be purchased for 890 Star Coins:

Dark Flaxen Liver Chestnut - Found at New Hillcrest

Silver/Grey - Found at New Hillcrest

Black with gold/reddish tint - Found at New Hillcrest

Light Grey (white) - Found at Crescent Moon Village.

Black extended spotted blanket - Found at Crescent Moon Village

Black with White socks and muzzle stripe - Found at Crescent Moon Village

To be able to get these new model horses, you have to be able to go to Epona.


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