Ödesryttarna och garnok

Garnok is an evil, extraterrestial monster who seeks world domination. He has never been seen by someone outside of his inner circles, but he is believed to be an octopus-like monster.

Starshine Legacy Edit

Garnok is originally from another solar system. Thousands of years ago, Fripp and other guards were supposed to transport Garnok and his accomplices to the end of the universe as punishment for the terrible crimes he had committed. On the way there, some of his accomplices broke free, and made the spaceship crash in the sea outside of Jorvik. He has since been trapped inside of the ship. His generals are working to set him free, and Mr. Sands uses the company Dark Core as a cover for the operation.

During episode 4 he manages to get his tentacles above sea level and tries to capture Alex and Tin-Can while they compete against Katja and Stalker.

Star Stable Online Edit

Garnok is still trapped under the sea, and Mr. Sands and Dark Core again try to free him. Many of Jorvik's inhabitants seem to know about Garnok, but mostly see him as a fairy tale for small children.

Trivia Edit