The Horse is the player's constant companion and primary mode of transportation in The Star Stable computer games.

Horses represent the core mechanic of the game, being used for travel, racing, competitions, and more.

The player's will start off with one of four horses depending on whichever game they are playing. These being the Irish Draft, Cleveland Bay, Einseidler, and American Standardbred, for the Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer Rider respectively.

Appearance Edit

The horses in the four Star Stable games are available in a few different models with a few different hair styles. In most cases there is only one color available for each breed. Some of the horses also have leg wraps. The player cannot custom design a horse but instead has to choose from the breeds available in the different stables around Jorvik.

Interface Edit

Horse Character Sheet Edit

The horse's character sheet can be brought up by clicking on the horse head icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen on this screen users can observe the horse's skills which effect how they perform while ridden:

Strength: Determines how much your horse, and thus the player, can carry.

Speed: How fast your horse can go

Discipline: How well your horse listens to commands

Endurance: How long your horse can maintain high speeds

Available horses Edit

The Autumn Rider Edit

The Winter Rider Edit

The Spring Rider Edit

The Summer Rider Edit

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