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The first four ponies that arrived in Jorvik

The Jorvik Pony is a horse breed native to Jorvik. The ponies come in every color and are much smaller than any other horse in Jorvik.

"The typical Jorvik Pony has a sunny disposition but can be a single-minded, mischievous and stubborn little horse. It has short legs, resulting in a lower overall height, and a more prominent head than most horses. Because of their small size and chubby build, they have difficulty maintaining the speed of other wild Jorvik horses. While the Jorvik Pony is not really cut out for performance related competition, it remains a favorite breed among Jorvik horse owners who praise the fun and laughs that come from spending time with this charming little horse.

Jorvik Ponies come in many different colors."


Ponies are smaller than the other horses and move slower due to their chubby build. Because of that, a player should not use a pony in a championship if looking for rosettes. However, there is a championship which requires the player to ride a pony to enter in Fort Pinta, allowing players riding a pony still win. There are no restrictions on the level a player has to be to purchase one, as they are available at Level One of Star Stable Online.

Available Colors, Prices and LocationsEdit

There are 15 available ponies in the game at present.

  • Light Grey (white) Pony, Fort Pinta Dock - 450 SC
  • Light Bay (brown w/ black mane and tail) Pony, Fort Pinta Dock - 350 SC
  • Black Appaloosa (spotted hindquarters) Pony, Fort Pinta Dock - 450 SC
  • Pale Palomino (light gold w/ pale legs, mane and tail) Pony, Fort Pinta Dock - 550 SC
  • Palomino Pinto (yellow and white patches w/ white mane and tail) Pony, Ferdinand's Horse Market - 450 SC
  • Palomino Pangaré (dark gold w/ pale underside, mane, tail, legs, and face) Pony, Fort Pinta Dock - 550 SC
  • Flaxen Liver Chestnut (dark brown w/ silver mane and tail) Pony, Fort Pinta Dock - 450 SC
  • Brown Leopard Appaloosa (mainly white w/ brown spots) Pony, Goldenleaf Stables - 550 SC
  • Black (w/ blaze and socks) Pony, Goldenleaf Stables - 450 SC
  • Blue Roan (blueish grey) Pony, Jarlasson Farm - 550 SC
  • Bay Pangaré (brown w/ white muzzle and dark mane and tail) Pony, Jarlasson Farm - 450 SC
  • Strawberry Roan Pony, Valedale - 550 SC
  • Flaxen Chestnut (reddish brown w/ pale mane and tail, white stripe and socks) Pony, Valedale - 450 SC
  • Dark Brown Dappled (dark brown with faint circles on side) Pony, Ferdinand's Horse Market - 350 SC
  • Black w/ white patches Pony, Ferdinand's Horse Market - 450SC


  • The Jorvik Pony is the only horse breed to have it's own race and championship not accessible by players riding other breeds.
  • Ponies are slower than any other horses due to their chubby build.
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