The Jorvik Warmblood is a horse breed only found in Jorvik. The player's first horse in Star Stable Online is a Jorvik Warmblood. It's not possible to get any other Jorvik Warmblood but the very first horse the player begins the game with.

The Jorvik Warmblood and all the horses sharing its model were updated during the Wednesday update 2017-07-12.

Description Edit

"When Jon Jarl came to Jorvik, he brought some fine horses with him. During the storm, one of his stallions and a mare ran away to the forest. That pair of horses became the ancestors of the breed that is today called the Jorvik Warmblood. The Jorvik Warmbloods are known of their calm temperament and easy nature, which makes them well-known as a perfect horse for the beginners." - Star Stable Online

Starshine Legacy Edit

Star Stable Online Edit

The player may choose between fifteen coat colors and ten mane colors, which can give a total of 135 different variations of the horse.

Because horse colors are defined by genes and a combination of mane and body colors, the colors named here will not be congruent with real horse coat colors, but instead will be named on a base color and any noticeable markings.

Body Colors Mane Colors
  • Brown
  • Brown Pinto
  • Cream Pinto
  • Dappled Brown with Stripe
  • Dappled Grey
  • Dark Brown with Star and Anklets
  • Golden with Stripe & Snip and Full Socks
  • Red with Star and Half-Pasterns
  • Light Brown
  • Light Brown with Blaze
  • Light Grey
  • Light Red with Blaze and Anklets
  • Liver with Half Socks
  • Rabicano Brown
  • Seal
  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Blue-Black
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Grey-Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Liver
  • Red
  • Yellow


  • The Jorvik Warmblood is the only fully customizable horse in Star Stable Online.
  • The Jorvik Warmblood is the only horse breed which the player must own, and it's impossible to acquire another one or sell the one already owned.
  • Players often call Jorvik Warmblood a starter horse, since it is the first horse they get.

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