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Welcome to Jorvikipedia!

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Jorvikipedia is a Wikia community where you can find any information about Star Academy, Starshine Legacy, Star Stable and Star Stable Online! The Wikia is driven by the Star Stable Community and we really hope that you will join us as an editor! Please make sure to create an account and login before you start editing!

Please remember that spoilers may be found on the Wikia! This mainly concerns you who has not finished the current main story quests of Star Stable Online.

The commandments of Jorvikipedia

Before you start editing, please make sure to read our Commandments by clicking here!

Remember, if you ever need help with anything on Jorvikipedia you're very welcome to ask our Admins Esme Silverforce, Lys MacWright, Ylva Moonwright or Sofia Diamondnight who all will do their very best to help you!

News on Jorvikipedia

  • Jorvikipedia is now up and running!
  • Jorvikipedia now has 556 pages! Keep on editing!

Latest game update


Every Wednesday Star Stable Online is updated with new in-game content. The update may contain anything from new storyquests to new horses, new clothes or updated game mechanics.

Hi everyone!

The last few weeks has been filled with excitement, and we’re not done yet! Welcome to this week’s update, with snowy fun and new quests.

Madison’s adventure continues!

Last week Madison went to Jorvik City to find out what happened to her beloved Welsh Pony Nightdust, and this week she’s getting one step closer to finding out where he is! Go and meet up with Erik and Madison at Aideen’s Plaza to help them out.

To be able to play this quest, you must have finished the quest where Carl leaves Aideen’s Plaza in his car.

The Christmas spirit lives on!

Not only do the Council Man in Silverglade need your help with even more quests this week – the snow has arrived to Jorvik! Santa is still in Jarlaheim, so make sure to visit him with your Christmas wishes and have fun in the snow!

More high-end fashion!

No one can design riding gear like Madam Asp in Jorvik City, so head on over to her store in Governor’s Fall to check her latest designs out! Jollister also has a few new outfits for you, if you’re looking for something a little bit more edgy.

Horse Market

This week you can visit Eddie and Ferdinand in Cape West Fishing Village. Pop by and say “hi”!

The Star Stable Holiday Calendar!

The winter holidays are soon upon us and here at Star Stable we feel the holiday spirit. It’s time for our Holiday Calendar, with 12 days of presents for everyone each day leading up to Christmas! We just can’t wait to share this year’s goodies with you!

Star Stable Game News

Game Master Ylva and Matilda has yet another fun news video for you, so don’t miss out on all the good stuff!

Thank you all so much for your support and love, and we hope you continue having fun in Jorvik City!

Hugs from your Star Stable Team x

News outside of the game

  • 2014-06-17 - The Swedish magazine Hippson writes a more detailed article about Tobbe Larsson who is expeced to be a NPC in Star Stable Online. They confirm that he will show up in the game the 3rd of July along with his horses. However, the 3rd of July is on a Thursday wich is quite strange since the update usually falls on a Wednesday.
  • 2014-05-28 - The Swedish newspaper Expressen writes that the Swedish horse artist Tobbe Larsson soon will have his own NPC in Star Stable Online. It's currently unknown when the NPC will arrive to Jorvik.
  • 2014-05-25 - A teaser trailer about the Gypsy Vanners are released on In the video the confirm that the new horse breed will be released on the 4th of June.

Message from Admins

Welcome to Jorvikipedia! Me and the three other Admins of this site, Lys MacWright, Ylva Moonwright and Sofia Diamondnight are doing our very best to get the site up and running as fast as we possibly can - and we really appreciate your help! But please, before adding any new categories to the Wiki, ask any of us first if the category will make sense, since we are trying to transfer all the meta we already have back on the Swedish Jorvikipedia. Feel free to ask us about anything!

- Zijena, aka Esmeralda Silverforce

Latest activity

  • discussion page Talk:Redeem Codes
    new comment by Christelle Duskbaker 21 minutes ago
    Comment: I actually thought there might be a code for the new Firgrove, XD but I guess not and that's fine. :)
  • discussion page Talk:Strawberry Meadow
    new comment by A Fandom user 14 hours ago
    Comment: Kan je ook zien welke spelers op die server ziten?? ik ben namelijk een hele goede vriendin kwijt en ik wil weten of ze naar een andere server is...
  • discussion page Talk:Redeem Codes
    new comment by A Fandom user 23 hours ago
    Comment: No offense, but just because you want a code doesn't mean that youll get one. SSO does NOT cater to your needs.  Also, If you was going to say...
  • discussion page Talk:Redeem Codes
    new comment by A Fandom user 23 hours ago
    Comment: ...
  • discussion page Talk:Redeem Codes
    new comment by LysMacwright 1 day ago
    Comment: Not exactly true, but they do earn more money by not making codes.
  • discussion page Talk:Redeem Codes
    new comment by A Fandom user 1 day ago
    Comment: They need money to make codes.
  • discussion page Talk:Redeem Codes
    new comment by LysMacwright 1 day ago
    Comment: That's why SSO has free SR weekends once in a while. Actually, that is why they even allow people to try out the game for free - it's for them to get...
  • discussion page Talk:Redeem Codes
    new comment by Nova purplerider 1 day ago
    Comment: cause they want only money..
  • discussion page Talk:Redeem Codes
    new comment by A Fandom user 1 day ago
    Comment: Why?Because if they see what is a star rider life they maybe will buy later star coins ,star rider or lifetime,that is why aaand if they don t...
  • discussion page Talk:Redeem Codes
    new comment by LysMacwright 1 day ago
    Comment: Aaand to the last commenter, "normal" players are players who pay to play (i.e. buying SR). Those who are non-SR are essentially freeloaders, and...

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