Starshine Legacy

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Starshine Legacy, Star Stable, Star Stable Online

General information





Brown ponytail

Eye color


Skin color


Character traits

Soul Rider, Keepers of Aideen


horses, books especially "Peter Pan"


Horse riding, visions of future

Linda is one of the Soul Riders. She owns the horse Meteor and is the main character of Starshine Legacy: Episode 2.

First appearance in Starshine Legacy 1 - first level (First day of school).

Abillity - visions of future.

Symbol: The moon

Starshine Legacy: Episode 1Edit

When Lisa needs to find schoolbooks, she meets Linda. Linda lends out her books and Lisa seeks her out later that evening, at the Jorvik Stables, to return them. There Lisa tells Linda about the connection she feels to the horse Starshine, and Linda encourages Lisa to ask Herman if she can ride the horse. She watches Lisa ride for a while until she runs off to school again to read a few books. She calls Lisa a few hours later and shows her the results of her reading. She watches Lisa race against Sabine at the end of the game.

Starshine Legacy: Episode 2Edit

Starshine Legacy: Episode 3Edit

Starshine Legacy: Episode 4Edit

Star Stable: The Autumn RiderEdit

Star Stable: The Winter RiderEdit

Linda can be found at Cape Point Riding House where she is responsible for the Cape Point Junior Grand Prix challenge.

Star Stable: The Spring RiderEdit

Star Stable: The Summer RiderEdit

Star Stable OnlineEdit

In Star Stable Online, the player first meets Linda by rescuing her from the Baroness's castle.  Linda is locked in the castle to prevent her from revealing the Baroness's connection to Mr. Sands.  As it turns out, Linda discovers that the Baroness and Mr. Sands are Justin Moorland's paternal grandparents.

Linda continues to provide the player with valuable information throughout the game regarding Jorvik's history and the history of the Soul Riders, Aideen, and the Druids. 


  • Linda's favorite book is Peter Pan.

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