Lisa Peterson is one of the Soul Riders. She rides the horse Starshine and is the main character of Starshine Legacy: Episode 1. She is also a playable character in the Star Academy games. Her symbol is the star, and she has the ability to heal. Lisa was born in Texas and rides in the Western style.


Starshine Legacy Comic Part 1

Lisa's mother passed away early in her life and her dad wants to move out because of the house reminding him of his wife. Mr. Peterson has a new job with Dark Core on Jorvik. Lisa is angry about the sudden moving. During their driving with a moving van she and her dad have a flashback of Mrs. Peterson helping Lisa to mount a saddle. The horse gets scared by a snake and Lisa falls from the saddle, developing a deep fear of horses. Later, they almost crash into Anne and Concorde in the middle of the road.

The next day she arrives at her new school and meets Linda. After school she is walking back to home and finds a golden star on the road. She is suddenly approached by Mr. Sands who tells her to not rush out onto roads so that she won't suffer the same fate as her mother. Lisa is creeped out and rushes away, meeting Alex, who takes her to the Jorvik Stables. There, Lisa shows a picture of Mr. Sands to Herman and Linda. They find another picture of him, but oddly, it is a hundred years old.

Later, Herman tells her that he noticed Lisa has the same kind of birthmark as a sick horse called Starshine has. He introduces Lisa to the horse and when she touches Starshine they form a bond and can hear each other telepathically. Starshine starts to get better and Lisa tries riding him. After the ride, she and Linda leave the stables, without knowing that Herman was just knocked out by Mr. Sands.

Starshine Legacy Comic Part 2

The girls find out that Herman has been knocked out and Starshine is missing. Mr. Sands has taken Starshine to a drilling station and is going to destroy him, when Lisa arrives. Lisa then suddenly faints and Linda calls her father at Dark Core. Lisa wakes up and feels strange, and then discovers her healing abilities. Lisa and Linda take Meteor and ride to save Starshine, but they crash into a police car. Lisa walks into the woods and Meteor is hurt. She finds Fripp and hears about the Soul Riders. She continues to save Starshine alone and finds him at the drilling station. Something is sucking the energy of Starshine and Lisa forms a bond with him again. Together they escape Mr. Sands and the drilling station.

Starshine Legacy: Episode 1

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Lisa comes to Jorvik because her father gets a job with Dark Core. She starts going to Jorvik High School. On her first day at school she has to find the janitor because she must be registered to take her classes. She meets Anne, Alex, and Linda. They help her. Lisa borrows books from Linda's cabinet. After a day at school Lisa goes to the Jorvik Stables with a key from Linda's cabinet.  

At the stables she meets Linda with her horse Meteor. Herman invites her to the stables, where Lisa first sees Starshine. He looks really weak with darkness gripping him. Lisa feels a strange bond with him. Herman lets her ride Starshine. It is discovered that Lisa can heal Starshine.  

Meanwhile, Linda leaves the stables and goes to the school library. She finds information about Mr. Sands and Dark Core. All articles and photos are over a hundred years old. She calls Lisa, who joins her at the school right away. While Linda shows her the photos, Alex calls to tell Lisa that Starshine was stolen.  

Lisa runs to the Jorvik Stables. Anne tells her about old Dark Core stock. Sabine locks the girls in the stables. Alex opens the door so that Lisa can go after Starshine. Lisa finds Starshine and they escape from Dark Core. During their escape through the woods one of the dark riders chases after them. They narrowly escape.  

The next morning is the day of the competition. Lisa rides against Sabine in the race. Everybody thinks that Sabine and her horse Khaan will win, but Starshine shows everyone that he is a really fast and strong horse. Lisa wins the competition, ending the first episode on a happy note.  

Starshine Legacy: Episode 2

Starshine Legacy: Episode 3

Starshine Legacy: Episode 4

Star Stable: The Autumn Rider

Lisa hosts a distance race by the old mill.

Star Stable: The Winter Rider

Lisa hosts a terrain race near Cape Point Stables.

Star Stable: The Spring Rider

Lisa is a dressage trainer at the Shoreline Paddock.

Star Stable: The Summer Rider

Lisa hosts a terrain race through Castle Swamp.

Star Stable Online

When the game first begins, Lisa is one of the missing Soul Riders, along with Anne. She was last seen on a tour with her rock band, but she failed to come back. The druids believe that she was kidnapped by Dark Core.

It is revealed in Star Stable Online that Starshine, who is seen walking through Greendale Forest in the Harvest Counties, is finally able (with the player's help) to search for Lisa. They find the outline of a girl riding a horse burned into the stone of a mountainside, which looks very similar to her riding Starshine. They then find a Pandoric crack and after contacting Linda, they find out that Lisa is trapped inside Pandoria.

Information about how to rescue her is limited until Linda finally manages to dig up some helpful history. The key to Lisa's rescue is for the player to request the help of an ancient tree, which is capable of reaching into Pandoria with its roots. Talking to the tree must occur at midnight. Only then will the ancient tree agree to help the player.

After the rescue attempt is made, the player's horse gets caught in a trap set by the four Dark Riders, who are hiding nearby. They threaten to cause more problems, but then Lisa appears. She defeats the Dark Riders and saves the player's horse. The next day, after Lisa has had a chance to rest, a druid meeting is held. Lisa then returns to Jorvik Stables along with Starshine.

Then, she, the Soul Riders and the player travel to Dark Core's Oil Rig to rescue Justin and during the attempt she is amazed that the player's horse is able to fly. After taking Justin to the druids she and the others are shocked that he is arrested.

When it's time to rescue Anne after the player returns with the Pandorian Keystone, Lisa and the others want to go with the player to rescue her; Fripp forbids them and wishes the player luck. When the player returns with no success she informs them that she was stopped by Darko. As Darko and Garnok force their way into the Secret Stone Circle, the Soul Riders are restrained by his power but Fripp uses his powers to destroy the Keystone forcing them out and saving everyone but leaves the magical squirrel in a weakened state. Lisa hears him speak of Evergray before he passes out.  

With attempts to rescue Anne put on hold they all focus on finding Concorde, but the Dark Rider Katja tells them he is gone. However, hope wasn't lost, Elizabeth tells Lisa that Concorde, Meteor, Starshine and Tin-Can are Starbreeds and that they can be reborn again.

Upon finding Evergray, Lisa and the player are brought to Guardian's Dale. She learns that the Soul Riders can use this portal to get back to Pandoria. While exploring Lisa and Starshine go near the statue and it begins to glow. She worries about Anne and leaves until being talked down by the player.

Lisa goes off on another mission and upon her return she is surprised to see that the others have rescued Concorde. Now with the Starbreeds back together, Lisa and the others are determined to save Anne.

Star Stable - Lisa returns teaser-1

Star Stable - Lisa returns teaser-1