Quotation1 Moorland Stable is owned and run by Thomas Moorland and his son Justin. Quotation2
Star Stable Online
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The cavaletti area in Moorland Stables.

Moorland Stable is a stable in Silverglade's southernmost part, which is also the very first place the player visits in Star Stable Online. It is also one of the two stables non-Star Riders can visit, the other being Fort Pinta Stables.

Appearance Edit

Moorland Stables has an empty area with a few doors and fences, including a big square of dirt in the middle of the area. It has two gates, one leading outside of the stables and the other to the main area of Moorland Stable.

New moorland

The new version of Moorland Stables

In the main area, the player can see the stables with the daily quest board and the horse trailer next to it. There are also three shops there, selling beginner clothes and gear, but also some clothes and gear for more advanced player. The stables also has a hotel and a cavaletti area. There are three gates, one leading to the race tracks and the others leading to the road which connects to Fort Pinta and Silverglade.

On the 22nd of April 2015, the look of Moorland Stables was updated, along with the characters and some objects' textures.