Pole Bending Apocalypse
Game Appearance

Star Stable Online

Race leader

Ms Morse


Firgrove Mountain Passage


Firgrove Mountain Passage

Number of checkpoints


XP to horse


Jorvik Shillings

20 Jorvik Shillings


+ 100 with Firgrove

Pole bending apocalypse competition is a race by the Firgrove Mountain Passage. It is based on the game Zombie Horse Pole Bending Apocalypse and is organized by Ms Morse.

Monologue Edit

"Welcome to my Pole.Bending Apocalypse competition <player name>. What do you think? Would you like to try out the real competition? Get to the starting line and we'll give it a shot. Watch out for the barbed wire and nails. Definitley watch out for the cliff... it is a loooong way down if you fall. Good luck!" - Ms Morse

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only race in Star Stable Online that has another lighting than normal during the whole race. The screen turns to a red shade as fast as the race starts and returns to normal as fast as the race is finished.