Sabine is one of the main antagonists of Starshine Legacy. Her horse's name is Khaan.

Sabine originates from a rich family, and her father supports Jorvik High School (clock repairment donation).

Starshine Legacy

Sabine appears multiple times in Starshine Legacy: Mystery of the Soul Riders, and is boarding her horse Khaan at the Jorvik Stables. In the day of the competition, Sabine competes with Lisa.

Star Stable: The Winter Rider

Sabine had been chosen by Mr. Sands as a candidate, to represent him in the Decker Horse Show, after the player surpassed her score, they were chosen to compete instead.

Star Stable Online

in Star Stable Online, Sabine pretends to be a normal girl and tries to befriend the player when they meet at Silverglade Equestrian Center. After introducing herself she asks the player to deliver a letter to Justin Moorland, after Justin had received the letter, and left Moorland with Sabine she was revealed to be one of the Dark Riders (under the Alias "Dark Rider Malumi"). Sabine is seen several times in Dark Core's secret oil platform, along with the rest of Garnok's generals, Jessica, Katja, Darko, and Mr. Sands.