Quotation1 This ancient tree is the last trace of the large forest that used to stand in this area. Quotation2
Star Stable Online

Śpiąca wdowa sso

The Ancient Tree is located in the Forgotten Fields.

It's real name is Sleeping Widow, and it is one of several Primeval Trees located throughout Jorvik.

History Edit

In the "Sleeping Widow" quest, this ancient tree had a mate and together they used to watch over The Forgotten Fields when it was a dense forest second to Greendale.

Until the Earl came and built Jarlahiem and Jorvik Stables resulting in most of the forest destruction. Continuing deforestation resulted in one of the Primeval Trees being cut down. And the remaining tree grieved dearly over it's lost until eventually the forest was no more. It's wailing heard in the wind until she couldn't grieve anymore going into hibernation, giving her the name Sleeping Widow.

Star Stable Online Edit

While Lisa was trapped in Pandoria, she contacted Starshine and the player using a Pandoric crack which was found the in harvest counties after inspecting the area with Starshine. He calls out for Lisa who was trapped inside where she informs Starshine that he should awake the Sleeping Widow whose roots reached to Pandoria and could rescue her.

The Player learns of the tree's history from Linda and uses the tears of Aideen as well as her light to awaken the Sleeping Widow. After awakening the Sleeping Widow, she manages to free Lisa from Pandoria and asks for the Player and Lisa's help in reconnecting her to the other trees to which they succeed.