The Tinker Horse, also known as Irish Cob, Gypsy Horse, Gypsy Vanner and Colored Cob, is a horse breed released on Star Stable Online on the fourth of June 2014.

Colours Edit

There are 6 variations, each costing 950 SC. The player has to be at least level 6 to buy a Tinker Horse.

Black and White Tinker: 950 SC (Firgrove)

Chestnut and White Tinker: 950 SC (Ferdinand's Horse Market)

Palomino: 950 SC (Firgrove)

Redish-Tinted Black: 950 SC (Marley's Farm)

Light Grey (White): 950 SC (Marley's Farm)

Silver Bay (Brown tinted Grey): 950 SC (Marley's Farm)


  • Tinkers are the first horses whose leg wraps cannot be seen when used.
  • Tinkers are also the first horse in the game to have a heavy-set/strong build, similar to work/farm horses.
  • They share their model with the North Swedish horses, but they aren't resistant to the Valley of The Hidden Dinosaur's cold, unlike the North Swedish horses.
  • The term "Tinker" is a derogatory term for Irish Travelers, and thus the Tinker horse is not called by this name anywhere other than the Netherlands.

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