Hey guys, please stop asking for star coin codes. SSO makes the codes, the Admins and we don't make any codes, we just post them on here. SSO loses money just by making and releasing codes, so thats why they don't make lifetime codes or like horse codes or anything like that or like 3 month star rider codes. They want you to buy your own star coins, and pay for your horses. Someone posted this in the comment section of the redeem code page. 


If you are going to comment about ...

1. How you want new codes to come out (we can't do anything about it)

2. Asking us to make codes (we don't make codes)

3. Asking if there are any new codes (there is a list on this page for a reason)

4. Wanting to know when the next code comes out (we don't know)

5. Asking if a code is expired (if they have an expired tag on them, they are expired and that's it)

... do us all a favour and don't.

Have a lovely day!

Please don't ask for anymore codes to come out, they will come out on their own. Keep an eye out on SSO's social media pages and on the Wiki.

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