Crystal Bluberryrider

aka Cryss

  • I live in Cupcake Valley
  • My occupation is Soul Rider
  • I am Female
  • Crystal Bluberryrider

    Hey people!!

    DESPERETALLY need help right now!!!!!!!!! When I log onto Star Stable Online, everything starts to be very laggy! AND THERE'S THE FROSTY ROSES OPEN EVENT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PEOPLE PLEASE HELP WHAT DO I DO?!!!!!!!!!! :C  ;_;

    PLEASE COMMENT WHAT I SHOULD DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Crystal Bluberryrider

    Hey! So as you know (probablly) I am a Soul Rider!!! Yaaaaaay! And I went through a whole lod of training to get to this point.

    But now I have to close all the pandoric craks everyday! And it's getting kind of tiring now, I mean, everyday going on Star Stable and finding the cracks (I have a tab that tells and shows me where the pandoric cracks are) and then closing them, and my brothers distracting me from closing that pandoric crack! They keep on bugging me and then I have to do it for atleast 3 times before I actually close the crack. It's really irritating me!!!!!

    If you are struggling to try and find the cracks, here is a link:

    You can either copy the link and paste it in a n…

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