Hey there o3o Yea, i'm Karla, and well... I'M PRETTY BORED TBH xD im on sso but i'm not playing im ded. I'll just list some of the bhorse breeds in SSO xD

1. Andalusian

2. Morgan

3. Icelandic

4. Pinto

5. Friesian

6. Dutch Warmblood

7. Tinker

8. Shire 

9. American Quarter

10. Selle Francais

11. Arabian

12. Fjord

13. Westphalian 

14. Appaloosa


16. Jorvik Pony

17. Friesian Sport Horse

18. Chincoteague pony

19. English Thoroughbred

20. North Swedish

21. Danish Warmblood

22. Oldenburg

23. Jorvik Warmblood

24. American Paint

25. Akhal-Teke

26. Morab

 Jk.. i did all of them ;3 

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