StarStable Online and horses....!

StarStable is the most powerful game with horses.It is updated every week on Wednesday at 11 pm or 12 pm and they never abandon us whithout an update...!

StarStable knows everything about horses , just how they look or the history of whichever horse they make at StarStable.All the horses have a lots of aimations and great looking.

Here I will tell you some breeds:

  1. American Quarter Horse
  2. Andalusian
  3. Warmblood Arabian
  4. American Paint Horse
  5. Morgan
  6. Shire
  7. Icelandic
  8. Danish or Deutch Warmblood
  9. Tobiano
  10. ​Friessian

​StarStable and characters....!

All the girls or boys want their style be simple but extra pretty!'''''So StarStable has the best way for people look themshelf...!

Imediately when you begin designing your StarStable Account , you have many chooses between :

  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Body Colour
  • Hair Colour
  • Eye Colour 
  • Make up

​(Also the same to your horse)

Until Summer you couldn't change your character but after a lot of updates the Character Feature came and now you can pay 329 star coins and hide your face behind a lots of memories , experiences and adventures you had with your character (if you haven't change your look , the first time is free)

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