14th March 2017, Tuesday

Star Stable is getting really boring now, as I don't have Star Rider membership to explore all around Jorvik and buy new horses or tack and stuff. My parents wouldn't agree on buying it unless I get really good marks for my exams. Real life is also pretty dull. Nothing interesting ever happens, lemme tell you. But I made a really nice friend on Star Stable, Isabella Greatheart. And she really does have a great heart. We go to the Jorvik City mall together, have fun, and then come back and have more fun. Really, both of us are inseparable. And what's great is, both of us aren't Star Riders, because most Star Riders are always busy and have so many quests that they don't have a minute to spare to hang out together. Even though we live in different places, we mail each other regularly to let them we've been online. Awesome friend, huh? Not just awesome, but a fabulously kindhearted amazing girl!

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