Dear readers,

Hello im Violeta Purpleburg you can mail me on star stable too!!!! I am not a star rider but i do care about people!! I have one horse my starter (jorvik warmblood) it is gray with whitehair her name is ash love. And when i say her i mean she's a mare :) my bf on sso is Lily Oldheart. If you need help you know who i am well, i would like to keep talking but i have to g.... no i don't i can talk as long as i want!!! On sso i have black hair i am level 11 but no im not star rider as i said before, sharky (kelly sharkybard) is also my bff as well as boo (klara queensmith btw she has a youtube account) My favorite horse in the whole wide world is the American Quarter Horse!! Well thank you for reading my blog dear readers bye 


                                                                                            Violeta Purpleburg

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