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    Dusk Shadows

    October 2, 2016 by XxLightwhisperxX

    Okay, so I felt like writing a one-shot and here it is. It's set in South Hoof Peninsula and it's pretty much after (if) the Soul Riders failed, Dark Core took over Jorvik and the like. (I'm not exactly sure if it ought to be posted here, though)

    The wind howled, unceasing, over the rocky plain. The island was unknown by the people on the mainland,and its inhabitants unfriendly and accustomed to the harshness of the depressingly mericiless nature there. Long ago, a bridge had been built there; it had fallen, and been rebuilt, but that too had gone in times past.

    But a stranger on a black mare had come from the mainland, and was viewed with suspicion by the small family who lived on the island. She was as silent as the colour of her mare in t…

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